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As Built Surveys

Conducting a thorough survey at any stage of construction is essential.

Having all the information prior to commencing with construction, allows you to avoid running into unforeseen problems and costly mistakes. An accurate survey ensures that you can put the most suitable plans in place from the start and then carry them out successfully. Providing a full and complete as built survey is required to meet the satisfaction of the adopting authorities.


Our land surveyors are specialists in the field of topographical and as built surveys. They can provide you with high-quality detailed surveys, giving you accurate information for your proposed site. Our surveys are issued as AutoCAD drawings in both 2D and 3D for you to utilise as required. Our detailed surveys can be used to calculate the cut and fill balance, reducing the volume of materials that will need to be removed from the site.

We survey all topography including natural features, existing buildings, underground infrastructure and all other structures.

Our engineers can advise on the layout of new constructions and verify locations during the works. We can complete as built surveys at any stage of your project to confirm it meets the specifications of your plans.


All of our land surveys are carried out to the highest standards so you can be confident the data is accurate. Our as built surveys can be carried out as standalone projects or integrated into our full design and management services. Our projects range in size and type and include single residential properties, full residential developments, drainage connections and construction of roads.


If you require an as built survey or any of our civil engineering or groundworks services, then contact our team today. We are experts in our field and will ensure you have complete peace of mind throughout your construction project.

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